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"4 Ply Color" by Regia is a soft plied fingering yarn designed for socks. It is 75% wool and 25% nylon and is machine washable and dryable. This colorful self striping yarn is available in a wide variety of stripes, heathers and patterns.

Shade Cards

Fall 2010: Color Card 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Fall 2010: Color Card 1
Fall 2010: Color Card 2
Fall 2010: Color Card 3
Fall 2007: Color Card 1
Fall 2007: Color Card 2
Fall 2007: Color Card 3
Fall 2007: Color Card 4
Fall 2007: Color Card 5
Fall 2007: Color Card 6
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About This Yarn
 BrandRegia [www]
 DistributorWestminster Fibers, Inc. [www]
 Yardage230 yds.
 Yarn Weight Fingering
 Fiber Content Wool , Nylon
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)30
 Needle Size(s) 0 US (2mm) , 1 US (2.25mm) , 2 US (2.75mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareMachine Wash & Dry.

Currently Produced Colors
1111: Lampion
(Green, Blue, Orange)
Fall 2007
1116: Passion
(Red, Green, Orange)
Fall 2007
1122: Brasil
(Brown, Tan, Off White)
Fall 2007
1132: Square Candy
(Pink, Blue, Orange)
1133: Square Ocean
(Blue, Turquoise, Green)
1400: Lollipop
(White, Green)
1401: Bubblegum
(Blue, Blue, Gray)
1402: Sweet
(Pink, Pink, Purple)
1575: Saturn Atlas Color
(Blue, Gray, Black)
Fall 2009
1576: Saturn Janus Color
(Orange, Pink, Orange)
Fall 2009
1577: Saturn Pan Color
(Blue, Orange, Yellow)
Fall 2009
1578: Saturn Daphnis Color
(Gray, Blue, Black)
Fall 2009
1582: Saturn Prometheus Color
(Blue, Blue, Blue)
Fall 2009
1584: Saturn Lapetus Color
(Gold, Tan, Orange)
Fall 2009
1800: Zottel
(Green, Orange, Turquoise)
1801: Susi
(Orange, Pink, Yellow)
1802: Flusi
(Turquoise, Yellow, Red)
1803: Sockenbeisser
(Red, Blue)
1804: Fraulein
(Pink, Purple)
1805: Bollo
(Blue, Turquoise, Gray)
1806: Firn Flusi
(Blue, Yellow, Red)
Fall 2010
1807: Firn
(Blue, Red, Purple)
Fall 2010
1808: Firn Tick
(Turquoise, Green, Orange)
Fall 2010
1809: Firn Fups
(Red, Green, Turquoise)
Fall 2010
1810: Firn Lili
(Purple, Turquoise, White)
Fall 2010
1811: Firn Willi
(Yellow, Blue, Orange)
Fall 2010
1831: Monaco la Condamine Stripes
(Brown, Tan, Gray)
Fall 2010
1835: Monaco Saint Roman Big Stripes
(Pink, Orange, Tan)
Fall 2010
1839: Monaco Larvotto Ringlet
(Green, Pink, Purple)
Fall 2010
1841: Monaco Monte Carlo Big Stripes
(Gray, Blue, Black)
Fall 2010
1842: Monaco Monte Carlo Ringlet
(Blue, Purple, Gray)
Fall 2010
1932: Denim Jeansblau
(Blue, Blue)
1933: Denim Schwarz
(Gray, Black, Gray)
1936: Denim Rauchblau
(Gray, Gray)
1937: Funny Rot
(Red, Yellow, Blue)
1956: Funny Konigsblau
(Blue, Yellow, Turquoise)
3029: Square Dschungel
(Green, Yellow, Brown)
3032: Square Lampion
(Green, Blue, Pink)
4123: Arctic Aqua
(Turquoise, Blue, White)
4124 : Arctic Marmor
(Brown, White)
4185: Taube
(Gray, Blue, Tan)
Fall 2007
4188: Basalt
(Gray, Brown, Brown)
Fall 2007
4228: Cardiff
(Gray, Black, Multi-Color)
4235: Bristol
(Brown, Brown, Multi-Color)
4531: Cross Mexiko
(Orange, Off White, Brown)
4536: Over Cassis
(Purple, Red, Pink)
4537: Cross Tundra
(Brown, Brown, Off White)
4540: Over Komet
(Gray, Blue)
4547: Ambiente Graphit-blau
(Blue, Gray, White)
4549: Ambiente Stein
(Gray, Tan, Brown)
5025: Papillon
(Pink, Gray, Turquoise)
5030: Sylt
(Blue, Off White, Off White)
5048: Ringel Clown
(Pink, Green, Blue)
5062: Candy
(White, Pink, Yellow)
5097: Spot Graphit
(Black, Red, Gray)
5171: Skater
(Blue, Tan, Brown)
5175: Jacquard Stein
(Gray, Gray, Black)
5180: Jacquard Oslo
(Gray, Pink, Red)
5242: Jacquard Florenz
(Gray, Red, Orange)
5242: Jacquard Florenz
(Orange, Gray, Red)
5269: Jacquard Las Vegas
(Yellow, Blue, Red)
5269: Jaquard Las Vegas
(Yellow, Blue, Green)
5368: Line Steps Marine
(Black, Blue)
5381: Multi Effekt Jeans
(Gray, White, Tan)
5439: Crazy Chris
(Red, Pink, Orange)
5441: Zansibar
(Gray, Tan, Orange)
5444: Asia
(Blue, Orange, Off White)
5446: Crazy Sylt
(Turquoise, Off White, Orange)
5447: Crazy Ocean
(Tan, Blue, Black)
5476: Brasil Rio
(Blue, Black, Gray)
Fall 2007
5477: Brasil Recife
(Yellow, Blue, Tan)
5478: Brasil Salvador
(Red, Blue, Yellow)
Fall 2007
5486: Brasil Allegre
(Gray, Gray, Black)
Fall 2007
5519: Jutland
(Blue, Tan, Blue)
5558: Papagei Mosaik
(Blue, Green, Gold)
Fall 2007
5560: Istanbul Mosaik
(Red, Blue, Yellow)
Fall 2007
5563: Marmor Mosaik
(Gray, White, Gray)
Fall 2007
5568: Nepal Mosaik
(Green, Yellow, Orange)
Fall 2007
5752: Patch Antik Graphit
(Gray, Gray, White)
5753: Patch Antik Sand
(Tan, Off White, Brown)
5760: Patch Antik Esprit
(Orange, Tan, Gray)
5761: Patch Antik Jamaica
(Turquoise, Green, Brown)
5800: Chamoiz Winter
(Blue, Brown, White)
Fall 2007
5801: St. Moritz Winter
(Brown, Blue, White)
Fall 2007
5805: Zillertal Winter
(Black, Brown, White)
Fall 2007
6604: Sudsee Mirakelbarsch
(Gray, White, Black)
Fall 2010
6605: Sudsee Druckerfisch
(Gray, Yellow, Red)
Fall 2010
6607: Sudsee Kaninchenfisch
(Blue, Red, Green)
Fall 2010
6850: Eskimo Eisberg
(Blue, Gray, Turquoise)
Fall 2010
6851: Eskimo Treibeis
(Turquoise, Gray, Blue)
Fall 2010
6855: Eskimo Antarktis
(Purple, Gray, Red)
Fall 2010
7101: Indio Santo Domingo
(Red, Gray)
Fall 2010
7104: Indio San Pedro
(Black, White)
Fall 2010
7552: Wellen Grau
(Tan, Blue)
Fall 2010
7556: Wellen Blau
(Blue, Green)
Fall 2010
Discontinued Colors
1124: Marmor
(Gray, Brown, Off White)
1900: Sahara
(Tan, Tan)
1903: Tansania
(Turquoise, Brown, Green)
2800: Mineral
(Off White, Gray, Orange)
2804: Husky
(Gray, Pink, Turquoise)
2811: Germany
(Red, Black, Gold)
4182: Comet
(Blue, Tan, Gray)
4190: Marmor
(Brown, Off White, Gray)
4215: Tiefsee Atlantis
(Black, Purple, Yellow)
4222: Welle Atlantis
(Purple, Pink, Blue)
4224: Perlmutt Atlantis
(White, Blue, Gold)
4230: Brighton
(Blue, Blue, Multi-Color)
4232: Somerset
(Gray, Gray)
4402: Jet Graphit-bleu
(Blue, Gray)
4404: Jet Graphit-jeans
(Blue, Gray)
4412: Jet Graphit-burgund
(Red, Gray)
4500: Amerika New York
(Gray, Red, Black)
4501: Amerika Chicago
(Tan, Red, Gray)
4737: Manitoba Fashion Color
(Purple, Red, Gold)
4739: Classic Admiral Color
(Gray, Tan, Blue)
4741: Classic Brasil Color
(Brown, Tan, Blue)
5047: Ringel-papagei
(Red, Blue, Gold)
5163: Schatten Jeans
(Blue, Blue, Gray)
5164: Schatten Nacht
(Blue, Blue, Gray)
5181: Jacquard Inka
(Blue, Red, Orange)
5241: Jacquard Rom
(Gray, Green, Gold)
5243: Jacquard Mailand
(Pink, Red, Yellow)
5296: Jacquard Brussel
(Gray, Orange, Off White)
5344: Amarillo
(Brown, Off White, Tan)
5345: Denver
(Gray, Pink, Off White)
5346: Dallas
(Red, Blue, Brown)
5371: Line Steps Anthrazit
(Gray, Black, Gray)
5377: Multi Effekt Schilf
(Green, White, Gray)
5384: Multi Effekt Vesuv
(Gray, Red, White)
5385: Multi Effekt Rauch
(Gray, White, Black)
5388: Nation Rot-blau
(Red, Blue)
5389: Nation Grun-weiB
(Green, White)
5390: Nation Schwarz-weiB-grun
(Black, White, Green)
5391: Nation Schwarz-gelb
(Black, Gold)
5392: Nation Rot-weiB
(Red, White)
5393: Nation Rot-gelb
(Red, Gold)
5394: Nation Rot-weiB-grun
(Red, White, Green)
5395: Nation Blau-weiB
(Blue, White)
5396: Nation Blau-weiB-rot
(Blue, White, Red)
5397: Nation Schwarz-rot-gold
(Black, Red, Gold)
5399: Nation Fun Color
(Red, Purple, Orange)
5437: Crazy Allure
(Orange, Gold, Tan)
5438: Crazy Roma
(Blue, Tan, White)
5440: Party
(Red, Red, Gray)
5442: Winter
(Red, Gray, Gray)
5443: Carat
(Off White, Orange, Gray)
5445: Bella
(Yellow, Orange, Brown)
5492: Marokko Weinrot
(Red, Red, Pink)
5498: MarakkoMarmor
(Gray, Gray, White)
5499: Marokko Inka
(Blue, Orange, Black)
5510: Trondheim
(Orange, Gold, Brown)
5514: Bergen
(Blue, Orange, Turquoise)
5516: Oslo
(Brown, Gray, Tan)
5759: Patch Antik Jeans
(Blue, Gray, Gray)
6028: Vermont Nebel
(Gray, Tan, White)
6029: Vermont Granit
(Gray, Red, Blue)
6808: Beige-braun-natur
(Tan, Off White, Red)
6809: Blau-grau-graphit
(Gray, Blue, White)

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