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"Wool-Ease Solid" by Lion Brand is an easy-care, worsted weight yarn available in solids and heathers (20% wool, 80% acrylic), frosts (20% wool,70% acrylic,10% polyester), and sprinkles, wheat and mushroom (10% wool, 86% acrylic, 4% rayon). With a wide range of bold colorways, "Wool-Ease Solid" is suitable for children and adult garments, home decor and accessories.

Shade Cards

Fall 2009: Color Card 1
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Fall 2009: Color Card 1
Fall 2009: Color Card 2
Fall 2009: Color Card 3
Fall 2007
Spring 2006:1 of 6
Spring 2006:2 of 6
Spring 2006:3 of 6
Spring 2006:4 of 6
Spring 2006:5 of 6
Spring 2006:6 of 6
Where to Buy This Yarn
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About This Yarn
 BrandLion Brand [www]
 DistributorLion Brand [www]
 Yardage162-197 yds.
 Yarn Weight Worsted
 Fiber Content Wool , Acrylic , Rayon , Polyester
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)18
 Needle Size(s) 8 US (5mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareMachine Wash & Dry.

Currently Produced Colors
098: Natural Heather
(Off White)
099: Fisherman
(Off White)
102: Ranch Red
104: Blush Heather
107: Blue Heather
111: Navy
112: Red Sprinkles
114: Denim
115: Blue Mist
(Blue, Multi-Color)
122: Sienna
123: Seaspray
126: Chocolate Brown
(Brown, Brown)
127: Mink Brown
129: Cocoa
138: Cranberry
139: Dark Rose Heather
140: Rose Heather
147: Purple
151: Grey Heather
152: Oxford Grey
153: Black
157: Pastel Yellow
171: Gold
172: Lemongrass
173: Sage
174: Avocado
177: Loden
179: Chestnut Heather
180: Forest Green Heather
188: Paprika
191: Violet
195: Azalea Pink
196: Zinnia
197: Burgundy
402: Wheat
(Off White)
403: Mushroom
501: White Frost
Discontinued Colors
100: White
116: Delft
117: Colonial Blue
125: Camel
130: Green Heather
137: Fuchsia
146: Lilac
148: Turquoise
158: Buttercup
170: Peacock
175: Green
176: Spring Green
(Green, Green)
189: Butterscotch
(Off White)

Reviews & Comments
SLC, Utah
6 Posts
  Wednesday January 3 1:18:43 PM PST
I boutght the gray heather and the blush heather (104) in order to try a more economical wool blend. I made a small scarf with the blush heather. It knitted up ok but felt sticky on the needles. I made mittens for my toddler with the grey but these seemed very hairy like the fibers just didn't stick together well and they very quickly lost their shape and became, I don't know, mushy. This yarn doesn't seem to work at all for kids and it didn't work for the scarf either because it's itchy. Overall, I was pretty disappointed. I really like the colors but the quality really is no good. No wonder it's so cheap.

Westerville, Ohio
7 Posts
  Tuesday January 30 5:51:47 PM PST
I like everything about this yarn except for the fact that it tends to split. That doesn't bother me so much, but it made my husband crazy...and I think he has kind of sworn off of it. I will continue to use it.

Campbell, California
1 Posts
  Friday March 2 6:34:11 PM PST
I love this yarn... it does split, but it's worth it for the end product -- washable & indestructible. ***I'm looking for about 4-5 skeins of the butterscotch color (any dye lot).*** I didn't plan ahead for an afghan that I'm making for my grandson and the color has been discontinued! ;/. Any help would be appreciated!

Oakland, California
15 Posts
  Sunday May 27 1:38:39 AM PST
I didn't like this yarn at first, but it has grown on me because of the color choices, the low cost, and machine wash & dry care. I first crocheted with it, but found it a bit too thick for crocheted garments except maybe sweater coats. I like knitting sweaters with it better than with some expensive wool yarns, because the elasticity allows a nice fit. But like others have noted, it tends to split--especially with sharp needles. I haven't noticed much pilling, however, especially compared to soft wools. But if you don't use fabric softener it does come across a bit plasticky after washing and drying. And the yarn is less cohesive in some colors, more in others.

Troy, Michigan
2 Posts
  Monday July 16 3:52:16 PM PST
This is the first time using Wool-Ease yarn. I am about 1/4 way done with an afghan, and based on the somewhat negative comments on the yarn quality and pilling I have read, I was wondering if it would be worth completing my project with this yarn, or to start over using yarn I have used and loved in the past (Bernat Berella "4"). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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