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Super Saver Economy Size Add to My Favorites
"Super Saver Economy Size" by Red Heart is a resilient, all-purpose yarn which is easily machine washed and dried. Available in a wide array of bright and bold colors, "Super Saver Economy Size" is suitable for afghans, apparel, home decor and more. The composition of "Super Saver Economy Size" is 100% acrylic.

Shade Cards

Spring 2010: Color Card 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Spring 2010: Color Card 1
Spring 2010: Color Card 2
Spring 2010: Color Card 3
Fall 2009: Color Card 1
Fall 2009: Color Card 2
Spring 2009: Color Card 1
Spring 2009: Color Card 2
Spring 2009: Color Card 3
Spring 2009: Color Card 4
Spring 2009: Color Card 5
Spring 2006
Where to Buy This Yarn

About This Yarn
 BrandRed Heart [www]
 DistributorCoats and Clark [www]
 Made InUSA
 Yardage364 yds.
 Yarn Weight Worsted
 Fiber Content Acrylic
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)17
 Needle Size(s) 8 US (5mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareMachine Wash Warm & Tumble Dry.

Currently Produced Colors

0254: Pumpkin

0256: Carrot

0301: Mirage
(Off White, Blue, Tan)
Spring 2010

0303: Painted Desert Print
(Red, Green, Gold)

0305: Aspen Print
(Green, Off White)

0310: Monet Print
(Blue, Pink)

0311: White

0312: Black

0313: Aran
(Off White)

0315: Artist Print
(Green, Red, Tan)

0316: Soft White
(Off White)

0318: Water Color
(Green, Purple, Green)

0319: Cherry Red

0320: Cornmeal

0321: Gold

0322: Pale Yellow

0324: Bright Yellow

0325: Lemon
Spring 2010

0327: Light Coral

0330: Linen
(Off White)

0332: Ranch Red

0334: Buff

0336: Warm Brown
(Brown, Tan)

0341: Light Grey

0345: Baby Print
(Blue, Pink)

0347: Lt. Periwinkle

0356: Amethyst

0358: Lavender

0360: Cafe

0365: Coffee

0368: Paddy Green

0372: Rose Pink

0373: Petal Pink

0374: Country Rose

0376: Burgandy

0381: Light Blue

0382: Country Blue

0385: Royal

0387: Soft Navy

0389: Hunter Green

0390: Hot Red

0400: Grey Heather

0406: Med. Thyme

0448: Sherbet Print
(Pink, Blue, Green)

0505: Aruba Blue

0512: Turqua
(Turquoise, Turquoise)
Spring 2006

0528: Medium Purple

0530: Orchid

0579: Pale Plum

0624: Tea Leaf

0631: Light Sage

0633: Dark Sage
(Green, Green)

0656: Real Teal

0661: Frosty Green

0668: Honey Dew

0672: Spring Green

0718: Shocking Pink

0722: Pretty ''n Pink

0723: Pinata Print
(Green, Purple, Blue)

0724: Baby Pink

0726: Coral
Spring 2010

0774: Lt. Raspberry

0776: Dk. Orchid

0784: Bonbon Print
(Red, Blue)

0786: Candy Print
(Red, Pink)

0788: Williamsburg Print
(Blue, Green, Gold)

0794: Bay Print
(Blue, Off White)

0798: Sunshine Print
(Orange, Yellow)

0883: Spa Blue

0885: Delft Blue

0886: Blue

0905: Magenta

0928: Earth & Sky
(Brown, Blue, Brown)

0929: Bikini
(Yellow, Orange, Pink)

0930: Plum Pudding
(Pink, Purple)

0931: Seagrass
(Blue, Green, Off White)

0932: Zebra
(Black, White, Gray)

0938: Stars & Stripes
(Red, White, Blue)

0940: Plum Pudding
(Purple, Pink, Purple)

0942: Melonberry
(Pink, Yellow, Orange)

0943: Blueberry Pie
(Blue, Purple)

0944: Cherry Cola
(Brown, Green, Yellow)

0946: Peruvian Print
(Blue, White, Green)

0947: Marrakesh
(Orange, Pink, Off White)

0959: Gemstone
(Purple, Red)

0961: Woodsy
(Tan, Green)

0964: Primary
(Blue, Green, Orange)

0966: Cherry Chip
(Red, White, Brown)

0967: Holly & Ivy
(Green, Orange)

0971: Camouflage
(Green, Brown)

0972: Pink Camo
(Pink, Brown, Green)

0975: Amazon
(Brown, Green, White)

0981: Fall
(Orange, Yellow, Brown)

0984: Shaded Dusk
(Blue, Blue)

0988: Platoon
(Brown, Tan, Off White)
Spring 2010

0992: Shaded Browns
(Brown, White, Brown)

0994: Banana Berry
(Green, Green)

0995: Ocean
(Blue, Blue)

0996: French Country
(Blue, White, Yellow)
Spring 2010

4302: Black Fleck

4313: Aran Fleck
(Off White)

4318: Soft White Fleck

4321: Spa Blue

4334: Buff Fleck

4361: Frosty Green

4365: Coffee Fleck

4378: Claret Fleck

970: Dress Blues
(Blue, White, Multi-Color)
Spring 2010

985: Urban Camo
(Black, Gray, White)
Spring 2010

991: Desert Camo
(Green, Tan, Multi-Color)
Spring 2010
Discontinued Colors

0354: Vibrant Orange

0362: Spruce

0363: Pale Green

0364: Light Mint

0374: Baby Pink

0378: Claret

0380: Windsor Blue

0392: Wedgewood
(Pink, Green)

0399: Fiesta Jewel Print
(Blue, Brown, Green)

0413: Farmland Print
(Brown, Green)

0422: Sierra Print
(Orange, Blue, Brown)

0533: Dark Plum

0657: Dusty Teal

0778: Lt. Fuchsia

0792: Sandy Print
(Tan, Off White)

0933: Summer Breeze
(Orange, Green, Blue)

0945: Berries
(Orange, Brown, Orange)

0950: Mexicana
(Orange, Yellow, Green)

0968: Star Brights
(Yellow, Orange)

0997: Sage Mary
(Green, Pink, Tan)
Spring 2012

Reviews & Comments
kitten on the keys
Ridgecrest, California
8 Posts
  Thursday June 14 4:40:46 AM PST
I knit German style with the yarn draped over my left forefinger. After about 30 minutes of knitting with this yarn I had worn a groove in my finger, another 15 minutes and I had a blister, this after 30 years of almost daily knitting. There are a lot of better acrylics out there, I suggest you find one.

Jasper, Tennessee
3 Posts
  Monday October 8 9:31:25 AM PST
I use this yarn all the time, because it's discounted, and there are a lot of colors to choose from I have been crocheting for 30 years, my yarn is draped over my left forefinger, and my only problem is my left hand goes to sleep. I wouldn't get it for a baby, because it's not soft, but for someone who needs something that launders and isn't bothered that it isn't super soft, it's OK. In fact if you wash it on gentle, take it out of a low temp dryer and block it, it will look good a long time.

Laplata, Maryland
19 Posts
  Saturday December 22 6:26:47 PM PST
this yarn sux....im glad i have a yarn shop near me so i can be as far as possibly possible from that atrocity...

Pahrump, Nevada
1 Posts
  Tuesday July 29 10:18:04 PM PST
I'm looking for a skein of Red Heart Spruce # 362. Can't find it anywhere.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Tuesday October 7 4:23:48 PM PST
I am desparately in need of Red Heart (SS) Dark Plum # 533. I am half way thru my afghan and the pattern was way off on # of skeins needed in all colors (3) Please help. I've called and looked everywhere. Does anyone know if the TLC Dark Plum #2533 is close in color to Red Heart's Dark Plum?

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