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Homespun Add to My Favorites
"Homespun" by Lion Brand is a very soft, solid and multi-colored yarn with a superfine white or colored thread wrapped around each strand. "Homespun" is available in 70 colors from pastels and brights to rich earthy tones. Well-suited to garments, accessories and throws, "Homespun" is 98% Acrylic and 2% Polyester.

Shade Cards

Fall 2009: Color Card 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Fall 2009: Color Card 1
Fall 2009: Color Card 2
Fall 2009: Color Card 3
Fall 2009: Color Card 4
Fall 2007: Color Card 1
Fall 2007: Color Card 2
Fall 2005:1 of 5
Fall 2005:2 of 5
Fall 2005:3 of 5
Fall 2005:4 of 5
Fall 2005:5 of 5
Where to Buy This Yarn
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About This Yarn
 BrandLion Brand [www]
 DistributorLion Brand [www]
 Made InUSA
 Yardage185 yds.
 Yarn Weight Bulky
 Fiber Content Acrylic , Polyester
 Texture Woven
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)14
 Needle Size(s) 10 US (6mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareMachine Wash & Dry;Do Not Bleach or Iron

Currently Produced Colors
300: Hepplewhite
301: Shaker
(Off White, Gray, Tan)
302: Colonial
307: Antique
(Red, Red)
309: Deco
(Off White)
311: Rococo
(Off White)
312: Edwardian
(Black, Gray)
315: Tudor
(Blue, Purple, Pink)
318: Sierra
(Tan, Off White, Brown)
320: Regency
(Turquoise, Green)
321: Williamsburg
322: Baroque
(Purple, Pink)
326: Ranch
(Brown, Orange)
329: Waterfall
(Blue, Turquoise)
Spring 2005
334: Gothic
335: Prairie
(Green, Brown, Blue)
Spring 2005
336: Barrington
(Purple, Blue)
338: Nouveau
(Brown, Gray, Tan)
Spring 2005
341: Windsor
(Blue, Purple, Green)
345: Corinthian
(Red, Purple, Gold)
347: Mediterranean
(Green, Tan)
355: Delft
(Blue, White)
Spring 2005
362: Quartz
(Off White, Purple, Pink)
Spring 2005
366: Metropolis
(Black, Gray, White)
Spring 2005
367: Covered Bridge Red
(Red, Red)
Spring 2005
368: Montana Sky
Spring 2005
369: Florida Keys
370: Coral Gables
Spring 2005
371: Boston Rose
Spring 2005
372: Sunshine State
Spring 2005
373: Black
Spring 2005
374: Granite
Spring 2005
375: Candy Apple
Spring 2005
377: Harvest
(Gold, Red, Green)
Spring 2005
378: Olive
(Green, Green)
Spring 2005
379: Cobalt
Spring 2005
380: Fawn
(Off White)
Spring 2005
381: Barley
(Brown, Tan)
Spring 2005
385: Fuchsia
Spring 2005
386: Grape
Spring 2005
388: Lemonade
Spring 2005
389: Spring Green
Spring 2005
390: Lavender Sachet
Spring 2005
391: Blue Sky
(Blue, Blue)
Spring 2005
392: Cotton Candy
Spring 2005
393: Cream
394: Golden
395: Meadow
(Tan, Green)
396: Fiesta
(Red, Green)
397: Russet
(Brown, Red)
398: Plum
399: Apple Green
400: Chili
401: Saffron
402: Dusty Blue
403: Earth
404: Lagoon
405: Parfait
(Pink, Off White)
406: Ocean
(Black, Off White)
407: Painted Desert
(Pink, Blue, Tan)
408: Wildfire
(Orange, Brown)
409: Bourbon
(Green, Tan)
410: Herb Garden
(Green, Brown)
411: Mixed Berries
(Pink, Purple)
412: Pearls
(Green, White)
413: Marble
(Orange, White, Green)
Discontinued Colors
123: Seaspray
303: Mission
(Blue, Green, Black)
304: Country
305: Modern
(Turquoise, Blue, Black)
314: Rennaissance
(Purple, Turquoise)
317 : Pacifica
(Off White, Tan, Pink)
319: Adirondack
(Pink, Green)
324: Blue Ridge
(Tan, Blue)
327: Plantation
(Green, Blue)
339: Creole
(Gray, Red)
340: French Provincial
(Pink, Blue, Tan)
343: Romanesque
(Gray, Pink, Gray)
346: Bella Vista
(Tan, Brown, Gray)
348: Gazebo
(Pink, Purple, White)
349: Navaho
(Brown, Tan, Gray)
351: Caribbean
(Red, White)
352: Honolulu
(Purple, White)
353: Calypso
(Orange, White)
356: Everglade
(Turquoise, White)
357: Inca
(Gold, White)
358: Cyprus
(Green, White)
359: Aquarium
(Blue, Green, Tan)
359: Florida Keys Green
361: Disco
(Purple, Turquoise, Black)
363: Sandstone
(Purple, Black, Tan)
364: Mexicana
(Red, Blue, Gold)

Reviews & Comments
Ellensburg, Washington
3 Posts
  Monday March 13 9:34:41 PM PST
Versatile and fun this yarn has been very forgiving of my mistakes. It comes in a zillion colors, which is nice, and works up well. I love the afghan I made, I wear it around my shoulders when I work all the time.

Greenfield, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Wednesday June 21 10:49:51 AM PST
Lion Brand Homespun yarn is the yarn that the Prayer shawl group of our church uses most of the time. It is the softest, lightest yarn and has so many beautiful colors. It is always received with so much joy by people who are ill and in need of something warm but not heavy, and also can always be made in their favorite color. We are so pleased with this yarn.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 Posts
  Saturday August 12 11:35:57 AM PST
This yarn does not wear well at all. It feels "synthetic" and is not very soft. It pills badly and does not hold up well in the wash. It's a good yarn to start out with, because it's cheap, but I wouldn't ever want to give anyone a gift made out of this stuff.

W COLUMBIA, South Carolina
9 Posts
  Wednesday August 16 9:20:33 PM PST
Last year, my daughter asked me to make her an afghan in black, gray and white to match her bedroom. Using a size Q crochet hook, I worked three strands of Homespun's Metropolis together at a time, chaining 88 on my foundation row and simply working single crochet back and forth. The effects were striking--something akin to a "marbled" look. I fringed it with Red Heart Black. It's one of her prized possessions!

Carol Samson Foisy
Haverhill, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Thursday September 7 5:21:04 PM PST
I bought Homespun 305 Modern and 3 other colors my grandson picked out for the afghan he wanted me to make for him. I worked on other projects and didn't knit during the hot summer. Now, as I am trying to finish this, I find I am 3 skeins short of the above mentioned color. If anyone has any they don't need, I'd be grateful to hear from you, since the color has been discontinued. Thank you, Carol Samson Foisy E-mail: 33ford@verizon.net Phone: 978-374-4262

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