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Malabrigo's "Merino" is a 100% merino wool yarn. This 2 ply yarn is kettle dyed, and can be hand washed and dried flat. Available in more than 100 colors. This worsted weight yarn is designed for making scarves, hats, sweaters, pullovers, ponchos and purses.

Shade Cards

Fall 2005: 1
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Fall 2005: 1
Fall 2005: 2
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About This Yarn
 BrandMalabrigo Yarn [www]
 DistributorMalabrigo Yarn [www]
 Made InUruguay
 Yardage215 yds.
 Yarn Weight Worsted
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)18
 Needle Size(s) 7 US (4.5mm) , 8 US (5mm) , 9 US (5.5mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareHand Wash and Dry Flat.

Currently Produced Colors
004: Sapphire Green
007: Cadmium
(Yellow, Orange)
009: Polar Morn
(White, Gray)
011: Apple Green
015: Pimento
016: Glazed Carrot
017: Pink Frost
018: Applewood
(Tan, Pink)
019: Pollen
020: Cypress
021: Cactus Flower
023: Pagoda
024: Vermillion
026: Continental
027: Bobby Blue
028: Blue Surf
030: Purple Myster
(Purple, Blue)
032: Jewel Blue
034: Orchid
035: Frank Ochre
036: Pearl
(White, Gray)
037: Lettuce
039: Molly
041: Burgundy
042: Garnet
044: Geranium
046: Melody
047: Green Spark
049: Pinot
050: Roanoke
051: Vaa
052: Paris Night
053: Peach Tree
(Orange, Brown)
056: Olive
057: Miner's Gold
059: Lime Blue
(Green, Turquoise, Blue)
060: Dusty
061: Butter
063: Natural
065: Roanoke Gold
(Orange, Brown)
068: Violets
(Purple, Purple)
069: Pearl Ten
070: Beige
(Off White)
072: Apricot
079: Red Java
080: Pellet Blue
082: Sunny Valley
(Orange, Blue)
088: Indigo
090: Solymar
(Blue, Green, Green)
091: Citrus
(Orange, Yellow, Pink)
092: Little Lovely
(Pink, Red, Pink)
094: Bergamota
096: Sunset
097: Quartz
(Purple, Pink)
098: Tuareg
099: Stone Blue
102: Sealing Wax
107: Intense Red
113: Jaen
(Yellow, Green)
117: Green Adriana
118: Tortoise
123: Rhodesian
135: Emerald
137: Emerald Blue
(Blue, Turquoise)
140: Dark Earth
(Green, Purple)
145: Forest
148: Hollyhock
(Red, Pink)
150: Profound Blue
(Blue, Blue, Turquoise)
152: Tiger Lily
153: Amber Gold
154: Pretty Blue
157: Loving
(Red, Pink)
158: Cognac
(Brown, Pink)
160: Green Hope
161: Rich Chocolate
163: Brick
168: Brown Sugar
(Off White)
176: Parrot Barranquero
(Red, Yellow, Green)
179: Black Forest
181: Dark Marron
184: Shocking Pink
192: Lavender
193: Hyacinth
194: Cinnabar
195: Black
200: Amazon
(Green, Green)
201: Alpine Pearl
(Purple, Gray, Purple)
202: Red Pearl
(Orange, Off White, Gray)
203: Greens
(Turquoise, Green)

Reviews & Comments
Cypress, Texas
1 Posts
  Friday October 28 1:40:10 PM PST
This is the best stuff out there. I have found that it is so heavenly to knit with. It is rather addicting. It is also very hard to get ahold of. Right now the producers have stated that they are out. It is far cheaper to go through their website than to pay what the yarn stores want for it.

Brooklyn, New York
6 Posts
  Tuesday November 15 1:44:55 PM PST
Gorgeous yarn, but be warned that it's not meant to be knit up for frequently-used items as it tends to pill (rather quickly).

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 Posts
  Monday April 24 4:38:21 PM PST
People said it was soft, but I thought, "How soft could it be?" It's very very soft. Very. I'm knitting a hat with my first skein and it's so wonderful that I'm already looking to buy more. It will not surprise me if, as the other commentor says, it pills a lot. But I have this feeling that I'm going to be so in love with the softness that I'm not going to care.

Plainfield, Illinois
4 Posts
  Monday July 10 5:09:18 PM PST
I always thought I would never be able to wear anything made from wool yarn (or knit with it) because of my sensitive skin, but Malabrigo's merino is quite possibly the world's most amazing yarn. It's soft (so, soooo soft), the colors are gorgeous and it's wonderful to knit with. Right now it's my first choice for any and every applicable project I start and I've got a sizeable stash built up. 10/10

Albuquerque, New Mexico
1 Posts
  Monday October 9 8:47:21 PM PST
I was recently gifted with a skein of this in the colrway "velvet grapes" (I'm not sure if this is available anymore.)It is so beautiful and it is the softest yarn I hve ever felt. It is like butter! I'm casting on for a scarf right now, and when I'm done, I'll order some more.

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