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Flora Add to My Favorites
Alchemy's "Flora" is a novelty eyelash yarn with ribbon flags and a complimentary base thread. It can be used for scarves, ponchos, shawls, sweaters, and handbags. This yarn is made of 100% nylon.

Shade Cards

Spring 2004: Fiber Sample
Click to view full size shade card images:
Spring 2004: Fiber Sample
Spring 2004: Migrations Shade Card
Spring 2004: Repetitions Shade Card
Spring 2004: Saturations Shade Card
Spring 2004: Semi-Solid Shade Card
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About This Yarn
 BrandAlchemy [www]
 DistributorAlchemy [www]
 Yardage175 yds.
 Yarn Weight Worsted
 Fiber Content Nylon
 Texture Eyelash
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)18
 Needle Size(s) 8 US (5mm)
 Availability Discontinued Spring 2007
 CareHand wash & dry flat.

Currently Produced Colors
002w: Deep Sea
004a: Purple Thunder
009a: Quiet Air
011e: Emerald City
012w: Ocean Floor
014f: Breath Of Fire
014m: Impression
(Green, Blue)
017e: Tennessee Green
017r: Garden Grace
(Purple, Green)
018r: The Night Air
(Purple, Gray)
019w: Soft Turquoise
020r: Spunky Stripe
(Green, Blue)
021r: Leaves Turn
(Brown, Turquoise)
023e: Good Earth
023r: Sea Of Cortez
(Blue, Blue)
024a: Lilac
026a: Empty Sky
(Off White)
026r: Southern View
(Blue, Blue)
027f: Gold & Grace
027r: Sonoma Sunset
(Red, Blue)
028w: Teal Tide
029w: River Blue
030r: Deep Forest
(Blue, Blue)
030w: Spruce
031e: Olive Branch
033s: Red Run
034m: Deep Reds
(Red, Red)
034w: Turquoise Pool
036f: Lantern
036s: Dylan's Blue Depths
(Blue, Blue)
037e: Twig
037r: Early Fall
038a: Foxglove
038r: Clio's Fancy
(Green, Green)
039a: Fuchsia
040m: Madre Deus
(Blue, Blue)
041f: Vermillion
041m: Earth & Water
(Green, Blue)
042m: Air & Fire
(Red, Red)
042w: Foggy Notion
043e: Canopy
043m: Waterlilly
(Blue, Green)
044f: Cherry Tart
045s: Koi Pond
(Orange, Orange)
047r: Rock Of Ages
047w: Pale Blue Eyes
048a: Passion Flower
049f: Pale Sun
049s: Punky
(Pink, Pink)
050e: Sour Grass
051r: A Breath Of Fire
(Purple, Red)
052e: Boo's Garden
052r: Clean H2O
053s: Forest Waltz
054r: Beautiful Earth
(Green, Green)
055r: Montreat Path
(Brown, Brown)
056s: Fire Burst
(Orange, Orange)
057m: Heart
(Orange, Red)
059r: Spectrum
(Purple, Orange)
059s: Rain Forest
(Green, Green)
05f: Persimmon
060s: San Francisco Sky
(Purple, Purple)
061s: Chickasaw Ground
(Yellow, Brown)
061w: Winkie's Blue
062a: Midnight
062m: Resolution
(Purple, Purple)
063f: Little Black Raincloud
(Gray, Blue)
063m: Little Black Raincloud
(Black, Gray)
064f: Scarlett's Dark Secret
064m: Hidden Place
065e: Dragon
066e: Willow
068w: Mist
069f: Kai's Goldfish
070e: Rust Red
071f: Rich Berry
074a: Texas Bluebonnet
077a: Dream
078s: Pablo's Solace
(Purple, Purple)
079a: Storm Cloud
080a: Evening Pink
080e: Teal Leaf
081f: House Finch
082w: Jan Boy's Sapphire

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