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Sugar Babies Solid
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Sugar'n Cream Christmas Sparkle
Sugar'n Cream Cone Multi
Sugar'n Cream Cone Solid
Sugar'n Cream Crafter's Cotton Ombres
Sugar'n Cream Crafter's Cotton Solid
Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints
Sugar'n Cream Print
Sugar'n Cream Solid
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Sugar'n Cream Super Size Solid
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Lily's "Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints" is a worsted weight yarn. Available in variegated colors, and made from 100% cotton, this traditional plied yarn can be machine washed and dried. "Sugar'n Cream" is well-suited to hats, scarves, vests, sweaters, ponchos, shawls, blankets, cardigans and pullovers.

Shade Cards

Fall 2008: Color Card 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Fall 2008: Color Card 1
Fall 2008: Color Card 2
Fall 2006: Color Card 1
Fall 2006: Color Card 2
Fall 2004: Color Card 1
Fall 2004: Color Card 2
Where to Buy This Yarn
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About This Yarn
 BrandLily [www]
 DistributorNotions Marketing [www]
 Made InCanada
 Yardage95 yds.
 Yarn Weight Worsted
 Fiber Content Cotton
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)20
 Needle Size(s) 7 US (4.5mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareMachine Wash & Dry.

Currently Produced Colors
00133: Shaded Denim
(Blue, Turquoise, White)
00138: Mistletoe
(Red, Green, White)
00144: Strawberry
(Pink, Pink, White)
00158: Pastel Delights
(Turquoise, Orange, White)
00165: Daisy Ombre
(Yellow, White)
00168: Shades of Green
(Green, Green, White)
00178: Potpourri Ombre
(Blue, Orange, Pink)
00181: Faded Denim
(Blue, Gray, White)
00190: Painted Desert
(Turquoise, Pink, Red)
00192: Denim Blue
(Blue, Off White)
00193: Citrus Fruits
(Off White, Green, Pink)
00199: Pretty Pastels
(Blue, Pink, Yellow)
00200: Rainbow Bright
00201: Jewels
(Purple, Red, Turquoise)
00202: Midnight Magic
(Red, Purple, Green)
00209: Pastel Print
(Blue, Yellow, White)
00211: Salt & Pepper Print
(Black, White, Gray)
00214: Country Print
(Yellow, Green, Orange)
00218: Sunkissed Ombre
(Purple, Purple, Yellow)
00222: Buttercream Ombre
00223: Violet Veil
(Purple, Purple, Yellow)
00227: Cool Breeze
(Orange, Yellow, Green)
00228: Natural Ombre
(Off White, White)
00231: Early American
(Blue, Red, White)
02012: Westport
(Blue, Tan, Multi-Color)
Fall 2006
02013: Terra Firma
(Red, Brown)
02014: Chocolate Ombre
(Brown, White, Tan)
02015: Guacamole
(Green, Off White)
02016: Tumbleweed
(Pink, White, Green)
02017: Desert Rising
(Pink, Brown, Gold)
02018: Sonoma Print
(Pink, Off White, Green)
02021: Cherry Swirl
(Pink, Pink, White)
Fall 2004
02022: Denim
(Blue, White)
Fall 2004
02027: Sprint Swirl
(Purple, Purple, Green)
Fall 2004
02046: Earth Ombre
(Pink, Gray)
02206: Lavendar Ice
(Purple, Blue, White)
02214: Sunny Sky
(Yellow, Turquoise, Green)
02233: Country Sage
(Green, Off White, White)
02235: Country Side
(Purple, Green, Purple)
02244: Landscape
(Green, Tan, Multi-Color)
Fall 2006
02316: Beach Ball Blue
(Blue, White, Purple)
02318: Patio Pinks
(Pink, White, Purple)
02510: Rosewood
(Pink, Tan, Multi-Color)
Fall 2006
02605: Creamsicle
(Yellow, Orange, White)
02713: Key Lime Pie
(Green, White)
02718: Lazy Daisy
(Yellow, Pink, Orange)
02739: Over the Rainbow
(Pink, Yellow, Green)
02740: Floral Prints
(White, Purple, Yellow)
02741: Playtime
(Pink, Orange, Multi-Color)
Fall 2006
02743: Summer Splash
(Green, Turquoise, Multi-Color)
Fall 2006
02745: Summer Set
(Orange, Turquoise, Tan)
02746: Summer Prints
(Blue, Green, Yellow)
Discontinued Colors
00130: Shaded Pastels
(Pink, Blue, White)
00131: Orange Sherbet
(Orange, Orange, White)
00151: Fairy Tale
(Turquoise, Pink, White)
00172: Newport
(Blue, Pink, Off White)
00173: Spring Meadows
(Turquoise, Yellow, Pink)
00210: Marble Print
(White, Pink, Blue)
00219: American Ombre
(Red, Orange, Blue)
00220: Neptune Ombre
(Blue, Turquoise, Green)
00221: Twilight Ombre
(Purple, Green, Green)
00232: Fresh Ombre
(Blue, Green, Blue)
02020: Coral Swirl
(Pink, Pink)
02024: Seashore
(Turquoise, Pink, White)
02234: Country Brown
(Turquoise, Brown, Off White)

Reviews & Comments
ST. PETERS, Missouri
1 Posts
  Saturday February 11 8:34:43 PM PST
I love the color choices in the Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints, but I would love to see the varigated yarn in rose, blue and white.

Willits, California
1 Posts
  Monday August 13 12:28:18 AM PST
I'd like to see the Rosewood Ombre in a 1 lb cone.

1 Posts
  Wednesday April 2 3:00:46 PM PST
I wish that we could buy this in the UK. Does anyone know if it is possibly other than via ebay?

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