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Satin Ribbons
Silk Ribbons

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"Satin Ribbons" from Hanah Silk is a 100% silk satin, hand-dyed ribbon that comes in a wide variety of colors. It can be used for sweaters, scarves, evening bags, and home decor. All colors are available in the following widths: 1", 1 7/16", 2 1/2", and 4".

Shade Cards

Spring 2004: Brights 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Spring 2004: Brights 1
Spring 2004: Brights 2
Spring 2004: Earth Tones 1
Spring 2004: Earth Tones 2
Spring 2004: Flowers 1
Spring 2004: Flowers 2
Spring 2004: Greenery 1
Spring 2004: Greenery 2
Spring 2004: Pastels 1
Spring 2004: Pastels 2
Spring 2004: Spring to Fall 1
Spring 2004: Spring to Fall 2
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About This Yarn
 BrandHanah Silk [www]
 Made InUSA
 Yardage50 yds.
 Yarn Weight Various
 Fiber Content Silk
 Texture Ribbon
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)Various
 Needle Size(s) Various
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareHand wash and dry flat or dry clean.

Currently Produced Colors
A: Abalone
(Purple, Green)
AB: American Beauty
AF: Alpine Flower
(Green, Pink)
AR: Auralina
(Purple, Pink, Green)
AU: Aurora Borealis
AV: African Violet
BB: Blushing Bride
(Off White, Pink)
BE: Blue Rice
(Blue, Gray)
BG: Bougainvillea
BH: Bali Hai
(Pink, Yellow)
BI: Bridal Ivory
(Off White)
BJ: Blue Jeans
BL: Blue Lillies
BR: Briar Rose
(Orange, Red)
BS: Big Sky
C: Cabernet
CA: California Poppy
CB: Cherry Blossom
CD: China Doll
CE: Celebration
(Red, White, Blue)
CH: Chameleon
CP: Copper Patina
CR: Carnation
(Green, Pink)
CY: Cymbidium
(Purple, Orange)
DA: Dandelion
DM: Daisy Mae
DY: Daydreams
(Pink, Orange)
EC: Echinacea
ED: Electric Dancer
EM: Earth Mother
(Gray, Green)
EO: Eggplant Olive
(Green, Brown)
F: Fawn
FA: Fantasy
(Blue, Green, Yellow)
FC: Fresh Celery
FG: Flamingo Glace
(Red, Green)
FL: Fallen Leaves
FR: French Roast
FS: Forest Shadows
G: Garnet
GA: Green Apple
GL: Golden Lichen
(Yellow, Green)
GM: Golden Maple
GT: Green Tea
HF: Hot Flash
HY: Hydrangea
IE: Indigo Earth
(Blue, Orange)
IW: Italian Wall
(Green, Brown)
JB: Jungle Bird
(Green, Red, Purple)
KL: Kaleidoscope
(Purple, Blue, Yellow)
KY: Key Lime
(Green, Green)
L: Lobelia
LA: Liquid Amber
LM: Lemon Meringue
LN: Lingerie
LR: Lavender Rosebud
(Purple, Green)
LT: Leaves Turning
(Green, Brown)
LU: Lupine
M: Misty
(Off White, Purple)
MA: Marmalade
MC: Mango Ice Cream
MD: Moon Dust
(Turquoise, Brown)
MG: Moon Goddess
MI: Midnight Star
MM: Mocha Mint
MN: Morning Glory
(Blue, Green)
MO: Monet
(Pink, Yellow)
MR: Mossy Rock
MS: Mother Spirit
(Blue, Purple)
MT: Midas Touch
MW: Meadow Sweet
O: Ophelia
OC: Old English Xmas
(Red, Green)
OI: Old Ivory
(Off White)
P: Periwinkle
PB: Peach Blossom
PC: Peaches & Cream
(Orange, Off White)
PD: Pearl Diver
(Gray, Gray)
PE: Peace
PF: Passion Flower
PM: Peppermint
PN: Pine Needle
PR: Pink Rosebud
(Green, Pink)
PT: Painted Desert
(Orange, Green)
RA: Raven
RB: Rusty Bucket
(Orange, Green)
RE: Robins Egg
RN: Rose Nectar
(Yellow, Yellow)
RU: Rudbeckia
(Yellow, Orange)
S: Sapphire
SB: Salmon Berry
(Green, Orange)
SC: Sea Cave
SG: Sea Goddess
SH: Stonehenge
SK: Solstice Sky
(Blue, Pink, Yellow)
SM: Sunmist
(Pink, Green)
ST: Stormy Monday
T: Terrazzo
(Purple, Pink)
TK: Teak
TM: Terra Rosa Moss
TS: Tuscany
V: Valentina
VR: Victorian Rose
W: Wisteria
WB: Wild Berry
(Green, Red)
WG: Wintergreen
(White, Green)
WI: Wild Iris
(Purple, Yellow)
WL: Willow
WO: Wild Oats
WR: Wild Rose

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