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Knit Picks Suri Dream HD Comments

Redmond, Washington
1 Posts
  Thursday July 3 4:50:44 PM PST
I purchased one skein of this yarn to try out in a scarf. It is beautifully soft and warm, and very fuzzy. A scarf was an excellent project for this yarn; one skein was plenty to complete the project, and gave a good idea of how the yarn behaves. I used a Size 10 needle, which gave a very drapey fabric. The yarn does not hold its shape well at this gauge, and my scarf stretches significantly. Any fancy stitch is lost in the fuzziness of the yarn. On the up side, none of these issues matter much in a scarf! The color (Woodland) is beautiful and the scarf is wonderfully warm and lightweight. I'd recommend this yarn for a scarf, tam, or lightweight drapey overblouse where plain stitches will be used and warmth is important. With care, washes quite well.

Albany, California
2 Posts
  Thursday December 31 12:59:37 AM PST
I made a feather and fan afghan out of this yarn for my mother, and my dad asked for one, too. It is very soft, light and warm. It is quite fuzzy, so it can be a little tricky to work with. Also, get the color card. Some colors that look great online look garish in real life.

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