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Noro Kureyon Sock Comments

Seattle, Washington
2 Posts
  Tuesday April 1 12:28:24 AM PST
The two skeins I bought (different colorways), were just a rip-off. Both were full of knots and really bad tangles. I spent more time unraveling tangles that actually knitting with the yarn. It went like this-knit for 5 minutes then spend the next 45 minutes untangling. The manufacturer seemed to have pieced both skeins together from shorter lengths of yarn so there was many more than the occasional knot. I mean there were a lot in both skeins. The end results were two garter stitch scarves that though the colors look beautiful, as usual with Kureyon, are unwearable because of the itch factor. REALLY NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR EFFORT. Don't make yourself crazy; don't get this yarn.

Seattle, Washington
2 Posts
  Tuesday April 1 12:29:15 AM PST

Rochester, New York
1 Posts
  Friday April 4 3:19:05 PM PST
So sorry you had bad luck with this yarn. I just made a pair of socks and I absolutely love them! The skein had only 1 knot. I had to do some untwisting every few rounds, holding the yarn & letting the sock/needles untwist itself. Next time I use this yarn I will wind it into a ball first (loosely, by hand) and then knit with it locked in a baggie. I bought the yarn in a shop that had sample socks on display, and one had been washed. That's what convinced me, and I'm online now to buy more for more socks. It's fun to work with, just like regular Kureyon, and feels like it will be a very sturdy and long-wearing sock. I'm pleased!

Catskill, New York
1 Posts
  Friday May 30 5:06:51 PM PST
LOVE. I bought two skeins of this when it went on sale at a LYS and I absolutely adore it. The rustic feel of the yarn made knitting with it a journey. Sometimes the yarn became thin, sometimes it was slubby, but I can say that there were very few times where I was put out by the disparate thickness. The few times it was too slubby I just picked a little of the wool off and went on my way. My only gripe was that I had to do a little surgery to the skein to make my socks match, but if I hadn't cared I would have just kept knitting away happily. These are the best wearing socks I have made in quite some time. I wear them frequently and they have held up very well. I get compliments on them wherever I go. :)

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