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Red Heart Super Saver Solid Economy Size Comments

kitten on the keys
Ridgecrest, California
8 Posts
  Thursday June 14 4:40:46 AM PST
I knit German style with the yarn draped over my left forefinger. After about 30 minutes of knitting with this yarn I had worn a groove in my finger, another 15 minutes and I had a blister, this after 30 years of almost daily knitting. There are a lot of better acrylics out there, I suggest you find one.

Jasper, Tennessee
3 Posts
  Monday October 8 9:31:25 AM PST
I use this yarn all the time, because it's discounted, and there are a lot of colors to choose from I have been crocheting for 30 years, my yarn is draped over my left forefinger, and my only problem is my left hand goes to sleep. I wouldn't get it for a baby, because it's not soft, but for someone who needs something that launders and isn't bothered that it isn't super soft, it's OK. In fact if you wash it on gentle, take it out of a low temp dryer and block it, it will look good a long time.

Laplata, Maryland
19 Posts
  Saturday December 22 6:26:47 PM PST
this yarn sux....im glad i have a yarn shop near me so i can be as far as possibly possible from that atrocity...

Pahrump, Nevada
1 Posts
  Tuesday July 29 10:18:04 PM PST
I'm looking for a skein of Red Heart Spruce # 362. Can't find it anywhere.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Tuesday October 7 4:23:48 PM PST
I am desparately in need of Red Heart (SS) Dark Plum # 533. I am half way thru my afghan and the pattern was way off on # of skeins needed in all colors (3) Please help. I've called and looked everywhere. Does anyone know if the TLC Dark Plum #2533 is close in color to Red Heart's Dark Plum?

Rochester, New York
1 Posts
  Tuesday April 19 8:17:11 AM PST
I love this yarn. The colors are fantastic. I have knitted for over 40 years and have made numerous items with this yarn and haven't had any complaints.

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