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Moda Dea Fur Ever Comments

San Jose, California
7 Posts
  Saturday January 20 4:40:27 PM PST
Used this yarn to make a few scarves. The pink one was great, good quality consistent yarn. The black one however was a nightmare: the mulitcolour ribbon part was fine but the black furry thread was cut every 2 feet or so in all 3 of the balls I used making the weaving in a very slow process. Still have the aquamarine balls, will hold off for now.

Bumacton, Alaska
2 Posts
  Friday June 22 1:00:05 AM PST
Please heed my warning about this yarn! My sister knit it into a quilt, and after the quilt went through the wash, little pieces of the yarn began to fall off. It is all over our house now, and does not vaccuum up easily. It is a godawful mess, so if you use this yarn (and you happen to be th e one who cleans house), do not send it through the wash and treat it gently!

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