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Gedifra Shanina Comments

San Jose, California
7 Posts
  Saturday January 20 4:28:39 PM PST
Knits up well, feels soft.I am making a Gedifra pattern sweater in colour 5049 (dark purple / wine). Sweater isn't finished yet so I haven't washed it yet, will see what happens. Feels great to knit with it.

1 Posts
  Saturday July 14 5:51:40 AM PST
Could anybody help me. I bougt 17 balls of Shanina last year, but the woolshop did not have a pattern. I need a sweater sixe xl. Please help

1 Posts
  Tuesday August 11 9:06:26 AM PST
Hello, I'm a french "knitting girl". I'm looking for Gedifra color 5056 and lot 202. I would be very enjoy if I can buy 4 or 5 balls to finish my pullover. I'm waitting for your answer. Please help me and thank you very much. Christine HO-LOK

Jacksonville, Florida
1 Posts
  Saturday September 26 9:52:33 AM PST
I have oodles of Shanina in the deep purple shade, can someone tell me where I can find some patterns to make something wonderful out of it?

Ennis, Montana
20 Posts
  Wednesday September 30 7:18:46 PM PST
Modell Samina 1 Modell Samina 2 Modell Samina 3 Modell Samina 4 Modell 1443 aus highlights 092 Modell 1396 aus Moments 0214 Modell 1397 aus Moments 0214 Modell 1398 aus Moments 0214

Ennis, Montana
20 Posts
  Wednesday September 30 7:19:15 PM PST
I can get you any of these Gedifra booklets

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