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TLC Essentials Multi Comments

15 Posts
  Thursday January 18 11:09:44 PM PST
I just knitted a lovely scarf with this, in the colourway "Harvest". Beautiful colours and it was a pleasure to knit.

San Angelo, Texas
1 Posts
  Monday April 30 5:39:15 PM PST
I've been working with this yarn and various other yarns to use up some scraps for an afghan. It's a lot scratchier than other worsted weights I've been working with.

Akron, Ohio
10 Posts
  Saturday January 12 2:56:30 AM PST
I really like this yarn for crocheting. The colors are so nice, and the varigated combinations are great. I like that they make solids to match all the multis. It isn't the softest yarn in the world, but it is still great. I have made blankets and a poncho with this.

Princeton, New Jersey
3 Posts
  Wednesday December 17 9:50:05 AM PST
Help,help I am looking for 2 skein of this yarn #2952,to finish my sweater,please help.

Susan Mahany
Savannah, Georgia
1 Posts
  Saturday April 2 7:47:31 PM PST
Help. I need 2 skeins of TLC #2933 to complete an afghan.

Weaverville, North Carolina
1 Posts
  Saturday April 30 10:54:15 AM PST
Help. My sister-in-law recently died. She was in the middle of knitting a blanket. Would like to finish it for her grandchildren. Need TLC Essentials Red Heart Yarn - Water Lily 2966.

Indianapolis, Indiana
1 Posts
  Tuesday July 12 4:18:55 PM PST
Can anybody help me? I have this beautiful TLC Essential yarn color 2943 High Plains,so I started making an afghan,but discovered that I don 't have nearly enough.Is there anybody out there that might have a small surplus of this dicontinued yarn,lol.I would love to take it off your hands. Thanks

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