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Noro Kureyon Comments

Killington, Vermont
9 Posts
  Monday February 7 5:12:45 PM PST
Kureyon is a great yarn to knit with--a super wool for felting as well as regular knitting projects. The long variegations in color in the yarn allow for "self-striping" bands of color. While I love this yarn knitted in projects, I particularly enjoy it after washing-the yarn softens and even felts slightly. There are a number of good free patterns available (including the Booga Bag patterns). This yarn is a joy to work with.

Los Angeles, California
1 Posts
  Tuesday February 22 8:57:11 AM PST
I absolutely adore this yarn. I have made two pairs of wonderful thick wool hiking socks with this yarn, both of which came out looking phenomenal. When knitting socks with this yarn, I recommend using a size US4.

Seattle Eastside, Washington
32 Posts
  Thursday February 24 9:24:34 AM PST
I've found Kureyon to be very scratchy and don't recommend for next-to-the-skin wear, but for felting it's great. It's very fun to work and watch the striping appear, and this type of "Noro striping" is nicer, less defined, than the preprinted sock yarns that autostripe.

Tipton, Iowa
1 Posts
  Sunday September 11 6:22:41 PM PST
I would appreciate help choosing colors for both bags and sweaters. I like deep, rich colors. I was thinking about #159, #52, #88, #129, #147 and #139. Also does anyone know which Noro yarn was used in the Lotorp bag shown in Book #3 by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton and how many skeins it took. Thanks

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 Posts
  Saturday August 12 12:06:04 PM PST
I love the colors, but found the yarn very itchy, even after washing. I also got tired of pulling out the bits of hay or grass or whatever that gets spun into it. Very expensive for what you get, although good for shawls because it is very warm.

Seattle, Washington
1 Posts
  Wednesday July 25 3:41:48 PM PST
An outerwear/blanket/handbag yarn that comes in great color combos! Kureyon tends to be underspun for its staple length and because it's also an unplied unbleached 100% sheeps wool yarn the result of it all is that it naturally felts extremely well. However, the unfortunate aspect of Kureyon's fiber content and yarn structure is that it pills just by looking at it. Okay, just kidding, but yeah, Kureyon's pretty much Pill City, so I highly recommend its use in applications where it will be subsequently fulled or felted. The yarn is full of dirt and VM (a spinners term that stands for "vegetable matter", comprising the stuff that goes onto, into and out of a sheep) and the process of knitting or weaving it will get it all over you and/or your equipment. I have to wash the finished fabric at least twice to remove the filth :-p but in the right application, it's The Bomb. Approximately two color sequence repeats per skein.

Conway, South Carolina
2 Posts
  Wednesday August 8 8:14:19 AM PST
I agree that it's impossible to wear next to the skin. Great for slippers like the Fuzzyfeet (from Knitty.com) or for bags. It does take a while to felt completely. The colors are so beautiful, each skein is like a work of art.

5 Posts
  Friday March 14 1:32:49 PM PST
I've knitted a coat style jacket and a pullover out of it. It is a bit scratchy but the colours are just beautiful. I used #159 - stunning! It seems to be holding its shape very well and only pilling a bit.

Pgh, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Friday July 4 9:32:57 AM PST
My favorite yarn. It make beautiful multidirectional scarves.

10 Posts
  Friday September 26 4:33:24 AM PST
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Townsend, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Thursday September 10 8:20:53 PM PST
I wouldn't recommend this yarn. Not only is it expensive, scratchy, and full of hay as others have commented on, it is very poorly spun. It broke 4 times before I had knit 1/4 skein.

2 Posts
  Tuesday February 23 2:50:36 PM PST
I absolutely adore this yarn. The colours are beautiful and I really love the texture of the yarn. I like the differences in spinning that others find irritating, as it comes across as more natural and less processed than so many other wools. My first project was a sweater for my 18 month old son, which turned out fabulous and which has been worn loads. I'm looking forward to knitting a sweater for myself with it next. This was my first introduction to Noro wool and it definitely got me hooked.

southington, Connecticut
1 Posts
  Tuesday June 8 11:01:37 AM PST
Does anyone have discontinued colorway 164? I need two skeins and can't find this color anywhere!!

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
2 Posts
  Tuesday September 14 8:53:33 AM PST
Unbelievably awful! Skein had 10 knots AND ten spots so waek the yarn fell apart. That's 20 joins in a pair of socks. Also, had an alien colorway tied into the middle of the skein. Is there any quality control at Noro? I'd never buy again, even on sale. Lesson learned!

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