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Lion Brand Landscapes Comments

Seattle, Washington
8 Posts
  Monday January 1 2:01:13 AM PST
this behaves more like wool than the wool blend it is. i do like it but it does have the tendency to pill and not be as elastic as i'd like- cuffs on mittens are more stretched out than i care for. my hat and scarf still look good though i did end up removing the pom pom that was on the hat- it didn't come out of the wash looking that good. knits up extremely warm. i feel that gloves get too much wear for this type of yarn.

Greenbelt, Maryland
6 Posts
  Saturday March 24 1:21:14 PM PST
Awesome yarn for kids. I plan to make my 5 year old cusin and 2 year old niece both loose hoodies for next winter, very possibly out of this yarn. I like the way the colors swirl and twist and grab the imagination. I made a prototype mitten out of Landscapes and even though there's only one my dad weres it when it gets cold.

DeKalb, Illinois
4 Posts
  Saturday October 20 6:32:55 PM PST
This is a very nice yarn, but it has a tendency to pull apart very VERY easily.

Portland , Oregon
1 Posts
  Saturday June 21 3:44:52 PM PST
This yarn is very pretty, but be warned, it pills like crazy. I have to pull off huge pills every time I wear the scarf I made with this. Also, while it does felt, the stitches do not "disappear" too well due to the acrylic content. The acrylic makes lumps and bumps, which you may or may not like.

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