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Red Heart Baby Clouds Comments

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 Posts
  Saturday August 12 12:11:46 PM PST
Horrible yarn. It feels awful while working with it and doesn't get any better after washing. Loses a lot of loft and generally produces a horrible fabric.

Los Alamos, New Mexico
2 Posts
  Sunday August 20 12:54:24 PM PST
I have avoided using that yarn as I suspected it could be problems with the knitting and washing. Thanks for confirming my doubts

Traverse City, Michigan
1 Posts
  Saturday January 20 8:02:25 PM PST
I disagree with the pps. I made a blanket for my neighbor's new baby last year. To this day, it's the only blanket he likes to sleep with or be cuddled in. Also, it still looks the same as the day I pulled it off of my hook, and is as soft as ever. Maybe this yarn is just better when crocheted.:o)

Daisy Knits
Ypsilanti, Michigan
2 Posts
  Monday February 19 3:46:33 AM PST
I crocheted a pair of slippers out of this. They turned out well, but I hated working with it, nearly gave me calouses on my finger. I won't use it again.

Toledo, Ohio
1 Posts
  Saturday March 24 12:54:38 PM PST
It was very hard for me to count my stitching. The yarn tangled as I was crocheting and is very difficult to work with. It is very soft and the project when finished did look very good. I just didn't like working with the yarn.

Gaylord, Michigan
1 Posts
  Saturday February 14 7:39:51 PM PST
Baby Clouds yarn is awesome,I love it! It is my favorite baby yarn to work with. I like the results of the project and it is very soft.I'm in our local Ben Franklin store at least twice a week buying this yarn.Best baby yarn ever. Thank-you Red Heart for making this yarn.

Lincoln, Nebraska
1 Posts
  Saturday March 7 7:03:56 PM PST
I really disagree, I LOVE this yarn. I have made a lot of baby blankets and everyone loves them and they wash wonderfully. They are bulky so use a big hook, I generally use a size N which is a 10.

Belding, Michigan
1 Posts
  Thursday October 7 1:13:35 AM PST
I LOVE this yarn!!! Been making crocheted baby blankets with it for 5 years now, and everyone loves them!! The blankets get softer with every wash. I hope they never stop making this yarn as long as I am able to crochet!!

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