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Rowan Calmer Comments

Atlanta, Georgia
12 Posts
  Monday March 20 8:46:23 AM PST
I really love this yarn, it is like knitting marshmellows. I normally don't like knitting with cotton but I loved this stuff.

Obsessed Knitter
Redmond, Washington
6 Posts
  Saturday September 30 9:04:03 PM PST
Very soft yarn with a nice spring to it because of the microfiber. However, the yarn can get splitty and achieving an even tension is a little tricky. I had to tighten up my purl rows.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3 Posts
  Tuesday October 3 10:10:18 AM PST
Great yarn to knit with. The yarn is very different than typical cotton yarn because of the acrylic blend. The yarn has a lot of give on the needle so it should be knit with a fairly loose tension (I knit a bit tight and had to change my tension to use this yarn).

Gayle J
Nashotah, Wisconsin
4 Posts
  Tuesday January 9 11:37:06 PM PST
I made Rowan's Audrey sweater with this yarn. It was a pleasure to knit with and the end product is beautiful. It is in the wash alot because my daughters take turns wearing it each week. It is holding up very well even with all of the washing. I agree that keeping consistent tension is a bit tricky.

7 Posts
  Monday May 28 9:30:49 PM PST
I made the Elspeth bolero from Rowan 37 out of Calmer, and I must say, it is well worth the money. I have yet to see a yarn like it (in such an array of gorgeous colors) - it is very unique and a dream to knit. Getting guage is of course a bit of a hassle due to the elasticity, but the extra swatching pays off in the form of a well-wearing, light, and soft garment.

Hillsboro, Oregon
4 Posts
  Friday July 6 12:48:53 AM PST
I'm plus size, and I love wearing garments made with this yarn. The fabric is very comfortable and soft, and has give without losing its shape. Stands up to repeated launderings. The best thing is that the microfiber lightens the weight of the cotton considerably, so the garments don't sag or droop. Great color assortment, and generous put-ups, 175 yards per ball. I've made Bonne Marie Burns' Chickami with it and am working on the "Cherry Bomb" tank by Joan McGowan-Michael (from the book Big Girl Knits.

Stanwood, Washington
9 Posts
  Sunday August 19 11:02:06 PM PST
I can't remember the name of the pattern I made but it was out of the Rowan book. Although Calmer was nice to work with I am disappointed in how the sweater wears. Oh well.

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