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Brown Sheep Company Lamb`s Pride Worsted Comments

Berkeley, California
14 Posts
  Thursday January 27 5:45:01 PM PST
Great yarn for felting, pretty good value, but a tad too itchy for next-to-the-skin items. I also found that because it's so heavy, a large item like a cabled cardigan will sag over time.

Seattle Eastside, Washington
32 Posts
  Monday February 7 10:54:52 AM PST
This yarn sheds unbelievably. After knitting a poncho with it, worn once, the entire interior of my car was covered in shedded fuzz. I don't recommend this yarn, but perhaps for felting some of the shedding might be eliminated in the felting process.

Boulder, Colorado
1 Posts
  Wednesday February 16 3:52:33 PM PST
Wonderful yarn for felting. The colors can't be surpassed for tasteful intensity and the yarn possesses a reliable predictability for emerging in fine fashion from the felting process.

Arlington, Virginia
1 Posts
  Saturday March 4 12:24:10 PM PST
Beautiful single-ply with a bit of a sheen to it. Felts very well, but the mohair sticks out in little white whisps--very annoying.

Madison, Wisconsin
11 Posts
  Monday March 6 9:08:52 PM PST
I always want to love Lamb's Pride more than I do. I can't have it on my forehead because of itch. Probably the mohair. A sweater I made from it showed wear relatively quickly. The price is reasonable and the color range is wonderful. But I like a more durable yarn. And no itch.

Olympia, Washington
2 Posts
  Thursday April 27 8:09:29 AM PST
I love this stuff--it's soft, but still shows great stitch definition. It does contain mohair, so it will shed and, if you have very sensitive skin, it may be itchy. Not a problem for me. I've just finished the second "Alien Illusion" scarves using this instead of the "Nature Spun." Soft, cozy and they both look great.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 Posts
  Saturday August 12 11:58:30 AM PST
Very warm, good all purpose winter yarn. Sheds a bit in the first few washes (DO NOT wear with a wool coat unless you want to be coated in mohair). Can be itchy (maybe not great for sensitive skin), but great for hats. Best felting yarn I've come across--produces a dense, even fuzzy fabric with no shedding!

Timnath, Colorado
4 Posts
  Wednesday August 30 5:19:28 PM PST
I made a mock turtleneck sweater from a Rowan pattern with this yarn. I wear the sweater all the time in colder weather. I even wear it next to my skin and have not found it to be too itchy, but I know sensitivity to wool varies a lot. Yes, it does get fuzzy, but I also do not mind this much (I always have dog hair all over me anyway). It does tend to pill up too, which I would rather it didn't. But the sweater is great for just general daily wear.

Seattle, Washington
16 Posts
  Tuesday February 6 12:36:16 AM PST
Was going to try this yarn but will hold off because of the comments about shedding. I would probably only try it for a felting project.

Greenbelt, Maryland
6 Posts
  Saturday March 24 1:10:27 PM PST
I LOVE Lamb's Pride! I found that a lot of patterns call for it but I had never seen it in stores. When a new yarn store opend near me I saw that they have for a great price so I bought some right away and fell in love with how easy it is to knit with! Now whenever I hit my LYS I have to stop of at the Lamb's Pride display.

Woolly Wormhead
2 Posts
  Saturday March 24 8:01:27 PM PST
I love this yarn! Have had no problem with itching or wear. Shedding is minimal compared to other yarns. I use it for my Hat designs on a slightly tighter gauge and it's a dream.

Columbus, Ohio
6 Posts
  Wednesday May 16 9:06:35 AM PST
I love this yarn, it's such a treat for the fingers! It's very smooth and slides between the needles. One of its greatest qualities is the hint of mohair..it adds an earthy, textural appeal. I agree it may not be the most comfortable yarn for a sweater against the skin. I knit lots of fingerless gloves with it...the combination of the stitch pattern and little mohair fibers sticking out of the fabric looks great!

Orlando, Florida
1 Posts
  Sunday July 22 2:35:25 AM PST
I love this yarn more than I can say, really. BTW: Put the yarn/item in the freezer every once in a while. It sounds crazy, but non of the items I've made with this yarn (felted or not) sheds thanks to that.

DeKalb, Illinois
4 Posts
  Tuesday August 21 1:42:16 AM PST
I don't understand any of the comments about this yarn itching. Lamb's Pride is a thousand times softer than Clasgens, has excellent hand, and comes in a huge range of colors. Sure it sheds some, but that's a small price to pay.

Madison, Wisconsin
11 Posts
  Sunday September 23 8:58:27 PM PST
Just clarifying: I think I find it itchy because I'm sensitive to mohair. Others without that issue would have no problem

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