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Malabrigo Yarn Merino Comments

Cypress, Texas
1 Posts
  Friday October 28 1:40:10 PM PST
This is the best stuff out there. I have found that it is so heavenly to knit with. It is rather addicting. It is also very hard to get ahold of. Right now the producers have stated that they are out. It is far cheaper to go through their website than to pay what the yarn stores want for it.

Brooklyn, New York
6 Posts
  Tuesday November 15 1:44:55 PM PST
Gorgeous yarn, but be warned that it's not meant to be knit up for frequently-used items as it tends to pill (rather quickly).

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 Posts
  Monday April 24 4:38:21 PM PST
People said it was soft, but I thought, "How soft could it be?" It's very very soft. Very. I'm knitting a hat with my first skein and it's so wonderful that I'm already looking to buy more. It will not surprise me if, as the other commentor says, it pills a lot. But I have this feeling that I'm going to be so in love with the softness that I'm not going to care.

Plainfield, Illinois
4 Posts
  Monday July 10 5:09:18 PM PST
I always thought I would never be able to wear anything made from wool yarn (or knit with it) because of my sensitive skin, but Malabrigo's merino is quite possibly the world's most amazing yarn. It's soft (so, soooo soft), the colors are gorgeous and it's wonderful to knit with. Right now it's my first choice for any and every applicable project I start and I've got a sizeable stash built up. 10/10

Albuquerque, New Mexico
1 Posts
  Monday October 9 8:47:21 PM PST
I was recently gifted with a skein of this in the colrway "velvet grapes" (I'm not sure if this is available anymore.)It is so beautiful and it is the softest yarn I hve ever felt. It is like butter! I'm casting on for a scarf right now, and when I'm done, I'll order some more.

Warren, Arkansas
6 Posts
  Friday October 13 11:27:10 AM PST
This yarn is extremely beautiful and outrageously soft, but as YAS said, it pills badly. I am wearing a shrug I knitted out of Malabrigo, and it is pilling up. I'm hoping a go around with the sweater stone fixes this, since it is the ONLY drawback to Malabrigo.

Portland, Oregon
1 Posts
  Monday January 1 1:36:24 PM PST
Yes, it's soft - but I was so disappointed in how much it fuzzed up and pilled very quickly on a scarf I doubt I will ever knit with it again.

Taos, New Mexico
13 Posts
  Friday February 16 1:17:27 PM PST
One of my all time favorite yarns. The colorways are extraordinary. I love making baby items with this as it is soft enough for their skin. I must speak up about all the posts I read about pilling. IMHO, I find that the best & softest wools and wool blends always have that issue. Unless you have large amounts of nylon or some other synthetic or cannot embrace this personality quirk or wools, I'd stick with acrylic.:) It is just the nature of the beast. You can also find Malabrigo at great pricing online. One exception; I foolishly thought I'd try felting it-mistake. This yarn is not meant to be messed with, just knit and be happy~

Salem, Massachusetts
2 Posts
  Thursday March 22 10:48:40 PM PST
Yes, it pills like crazy. But still the most beautiful yarn. Yarns that are plied tend to pill less. I will deal with the pilling, that's how lovely this yarn is. : )

Greenbelt, Maryland
6 Posts
  Saturday March 24 1:14:10 PM PST
Love at first knit!!!

Linden, New Jersey
1 Posts
  Tuesday April 10 6:15:42 PM PST
I'm knitting my first project with it (in Sealing Wax, a lovely red in a color that used to be called oxblood - gross!). It's too early to note the pilling, but I did just notice that the colors aren't exactly the same skein to skein. The item still looks really pretty though and I can't wait to use this yarn again! Thanks for the warning about felting - I was considering doing this too!

Minneapolis, Minnesota
2 Posts
  Thursday May 31 1:22:53 PM PST
I have used this yarn for felting very frequently with very good results so I am not sure what Imcd's felting problems were. It felts really quickly so keep an eye on it (at least twice as fast as Cascade). I check every 5 minutes. Also, definitely knit up a swatch and felt it because the yarn shrinks up more than worsted or plyed yarns It does pill alot but really no more than Manos or other soft homespun style yarns. I like the yarn a lot but you do have to knit from a couple of balls to help blend skein color differences and absolutely make sure you buy all you need because lot to lot the color variations are extreme.

x, New York
1 Posts
  Monday July 23 2:04:38 PM PST
I am in love with this yarn. I've never felt a softer yarn, I'm knitting a little shrug with it in Bobby Blue - the texture and color reminds me of soft blue cotton candy! Though, like others have said, I'm already noticing fuzz (which leads to pill). It truly is addicting to knit with though.. (but expensive) I just can't get over the extreme softness.

Laplata, Maryland
19 Posts
  Saturday December 22 7:14:24 PM PST
me and my mom (im 12) went for the first time to this yarn shop that just opened and the first yarn that the lady suggested was this...she ended up buying two skeins and now i have all the leftovers...yes! she nade me so mad though cuz she didnt let me get any yarn and im the one whos been knitting for almost 3 years and she learned a month ago....o well.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Thursday April 17 7:51:18 PM PST
I'm amazed this yarn is so popular. I knitted a few items (hat, 2 scarves), about a year back and they look horrible. They are pilled beyond belief and one of those scarves was worn by me so I know it wasn't mistreated. This yarn was a rip-off.

10 Posts
  Friday September 26 4:35:07 AM PST
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